Living with hearing loss can be challenging, but thanks to modern technology, hearing aids have become invaluable tools in enhancing our auditory experiences. Modern hearing aids are designed to improve your quality of life by allowing you to fully engage with the world around you. However, just like any technology, hearing aids continue to evolve, offering new features and improved performance with each generation. Whether it’s due to changes in your hearing, overall health, or lifestyle, upgrading your hearing aids can significantly enhance your hearing experience and overall well-being. If you’ve ever wondered how often you should upgrade your hearing aids, this post is for you. 

In this article, we’ll explore when and how often to upgrade your hearing aids for your best hearing experience, including five reasons to upgrade your hearing aids now. 

5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Hearing Aids Now 

Regular exams with your hearing healthcare specialist are essential to maintaining optimal hearing health. If your hearing aids are not functioning properly, losing battery life more rapidly, or requiring frequent repairs, it’s likely time to speak with your specialist about making a change. Annual exams are also important for monitoring any changes in your hearing, health, and lifestyle, which can affect your hearing loss treatment needs. Whatever the reason, at one point or another, everyone can benefit from a hearing aid upgrade eventually. Aside from necessary replacements, here are five of the most common reasons to upgrade your hearing aids now:  

1. Your Hearing Aid Is Over 3 Years Old 

Typically, you can expect your hearing aids to last three to five years. To ensure your devices provide optimal treatment for your hearing loss, it’s best to stay updated with the most advanced hearing aid option for your needs. The more customized and accurate your hearing loss solutions are, the better it can stimulate your auditory system, preserving your ability to understand speech. Hearing aid technology has seen some amazing advances in the last few years, especially with the integration of artificial intelligence (AI). While most hearing devices work on the same basic principles, the advanced technology in newer hearing aid equipment delivers an entirely new level of sound experience.

The newest generation of AI hearing aids, such as the Intrigue AI, have state-of-the-art sound quality and features that give you more functionality for navigating your communication needs day to day. This results in better clarity and understanding of speech so you don’t have to guess or strain at what others are saying. 

Engage More with Smart App Features 

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Want to get even more out of your hearing aid? New AI hearing aids like the Intrigue AI, easily pair with the latest smartphone apps! Together, they can help you engage more with all the things that fill your daily schedule and do so with greater ease and clarity.

When paired with the My Audibel app, the Intrigue AI hearing aid will:  

  • Stream phone calls directly through your hearing aids to more easily understand speech 
  • Accurately count your daily steps and log other health activities to help you monitor wellness goals 
  • Translate up to 27 languages in real time 
  • Make adjustments and set reminders with easy-to-use voice commands 
  • Stream music and TV audio directly to your hearing aids  
  • Detect if you fall and notify designated loved ones (if enabled)  
  • Link to TeleHear so you can get remote adjustments from your hearing care expert via video chat 

2. Your Hearing Has Changed 

If you have hearing loss, it’s important to get regular hearing checkups. Your hearing will likely change over time, as hearing loss is progressive. Annual hearing exams ensure that your hearing aids properly accommodate your current needs. If your hearing has changed, upgrading your hearing aid can help address your increased level of hearing loss and significantly enhance your quality of life and hearing experience.  

Better Sound Processing and Quality 

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We don’t always hear and understand every little sound we encounter; often times, we rely on our brains to fill in any gaps based on context clues. Of course, sometimes our brain get it wrong, and all it takes is not hearing a word or two in a sentence to create misunderstandings. Enter the Intrigue AI.

The AI technology in the Intrigue AI hearing aid processes sound even before it gets to your brain. This means there are fewer gaps to fill in and less chance of miscommunication. This innovative hearing device also makes more than 80 million adjustments per hour automatically, so that you don’t need to make manual adjustments. The more advanced the hearing aid, the more it will automatically do for you. Plus, the Intrigue AI’s Neuro Sound Technology picks out the voices you want to hear and tags the noise you don’t for smart noise reduction and clearer sound processing. This makes hearing effortless rather than tiring. 

3. Your Overall Health Has Changed 

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If you experience changes to your health or your wellness goals, the HEAR Share app can add tremendous value when you upgrade to an app-compatible hearing aid. The Intrigue AI supports this remarkable app that gathers your health vitals such as activity levels and social engagement. It then shares this information with your health provider and even designated loved ones. This can give you greater independence and help you reach your wellness goals. Along with the fall detection, this can provide an added safety net for you, peace of mind for your loved ones, and vital information for your healthcare provider.   

4. Your Lifestyle Needs Have Changed  

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If your lifestyle and daily activities have changed since you bought your current hearing aids, it’s likely there are new features available now from which you could benefit. New generations of hearing aids are starting to include Bluetooth and AI technology as standard features. With seamless AI integration, devices like the Intrigue AI hearing aid include features that can greatly improve your ability to enjoy your life with less effort, including: 

  • Stream digital entertainment, including your TV, to your hearing aids. Your audio experience will improve drastically when you bypass the ambient noise in the room to follow the dialog or listen to music.  
  • Use a separate directional tabletop or wearable microphone to send voices or other sounds directly to your hearing aid. This is an ideal solution for meetings, loud restaurants, or in a car with a lot of traffic noise.  
  • Make hands-free adjustments to your hearing aids. 
  • Have the Intelligent Assistant set reminders for you. 
  • Get Language translations in real time. 
  • Not just hear, but also converse on phone calls hands-free. 

Of course, all of these impressive features need a very strong battery to power them. Thankfully, the battery life of newer hearing aids has also increased significantly. The Intrigue AI hearing aid batteries can last for up to 51 hours without needing to be charged.  

5. You’re Interested in a More Discreet Look 

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You might also consider upgrading your hearing aids for cosmetic reasons. With the advancements in hearing technology, newer AI aids deliver more functionality in ever-shrinking packages. Over-the-ear (OTE) model and in-the-ear (ITE) models are more discreet than ever before. Plus, they have better battery life to power all the features you need or want. The Intrigue AI hearing aid is available in both in the ear and over the ear designs, which are both specially designed to be more ergonomic, comfortable, and more durable than ever before. You no longer need to give up features for size.  

Demo the Intrigue AI for Free at Audibel Hearing Health Care 

With so many new features and improved sound technology, there has never been a better time than now to discuss upgrading your hearing aid with a hearing care expert. If you want to see how the new Intrigue AI can improve your hearing and help you better engage in daily activities, you can do that with absolutely no obligation. At Audibel Hearing Health Care, you can try before you buy! If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your hearing aids, or you’re due for an exam, contact us today for a FREE demo of the new Intrigue AI hearing aid.